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Sound Source is a custom Audio/Video installation specialist established in 1984 and located in downtown Middlebury.  We provide planning, design, installation and service for various audio systems and televisions.  We also offer a large assortment of accessories.  We believe our products and services can enhance the livability of your home, offering fingertip control of music and stunning high definition video in any room.

As technology advances, more integration is possible and easy access to a comprehensive library of music become practical.  In the past, a few cable TV outlets and a radio "set" were sufficient to meet most homeowners' entertainment expectations.  Now, with the possibilities offered by computer based music servers, iPods, internet radio and high definition video, more comprehensive infrastructure is required.  Our multi-source, multi-room distributed audio systems enable homeowners to take advantage of this technology.  

We can supply you with a broad range of audio and audio/video system options that run from a simple TV or compact audio system to multi-room systems that deliver sound and video to any part of the house.

Imagine the power, fidelity and convenience you can experience in your new home with a multi-source, multi-room system installed by Sound Source.

Sound Source also sells HDTV's from some of the best manufacturers of plasma, LCD and LED panels, plus a full selection of mounting brackets allowing these televisions to be place for optimum performance while remaining aesthetically unobtrusive.
If your plans include a den or media room, we have extensive experience in designing high performance surround sound systems and can help you take your movie viewing and listening experience to the next level!  

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